Friday, 12 April 2013


Architecture of mosques occupy a prominent place in Kuwait indicated by the architectural aesthetic component of a harmonious mix between tradition and modernity in the construction 
Construction, if for every mosque in the privacy of form and composition of architectural aesthetic, or in terms of history or link to a particular religious character, 
Sheikha Fatima, the mosque located in the suburb of Abdullah Al-Salem is considered an architectural masterpiece radiate Balnoranip and faith, hangs throughout the year, especially with lights 
In the month of Ramadan to welcome thousands of worshipers, and remain a witness outstanding design and conical dome unique overlap of Islamic art. 
Books stresses the architectural heritage that is the oldest Mosques in Kuwait adjacent to the sea, and most recently by the remote, famous for its many mosques in Kuwait, the names of 
Families were often builds near inhabited places, and if the old mosques built means and methods of very simple construction, the 
Not without its rules of architecture and Islamic schools are known to the architects, and the architecture of mosques follow the school to which he belongs 
The designers of the building, characterized by simplicity and the small space and the existence of monsters external to the prayers after sunset in the summer. 

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